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Kids are Magnets

Dawn Menken and StudentsIt is not just their endearing presence that attracts us, but their precious innocence, openness and authenticity that inspires us, reminds us of our original nature, and beckons us to dream of a world we all want to live in.

I look for this essence in the people and groups I work with and it is this spirit that moves me to bring my work and creativity into the realm of parenting and schools.

I have always had a calling to work with children, youth, and families. When I became a mother, my creativity naturally expanded into this area. I see myself as an activist mother; every troubling experience, school difficulty, or playground problem is an opportunity for growth and requires a fresh, creative response. I support parents to discover and connect with their own unique parenting style and to have fun in the creative mystery that comes with living with children. In my view it is crucial that schools inspire learning and creativity and value the richness of social interactions. To that end, my programs for schools address the important issues that all parents, educators, and children care about: bullying, basic conflict resolution skills and self-esteem for our children.

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Parent Space

The Parent Space Be sure to check out The Parent Space where I will periodically post some of my thoughts and practices around parenting and my work with children. My writings will be part of a future publication about parenting and working with children from a Process-oriented perspective.

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