Open Forum

The open forum is an age-old format that invites a diversity of voices to publically engage. It is the essence of a thriving democracy and an involved citizentry. My facilitation approach with open forums and town hall meetings not only encourages diverse speakers and viewpoints, but creates a container for deeper interaction. Too often the open forum is characterized by long-winded speeches, but offers very little support for genuine dialogue and understanding. Based on the work of Dr. Arnold Mindell, The Deep Democracy of Open Forums, 2002, this model can be applied not only in the public political square, but also in businesses, schools and organizations.

The Open Forum is an attempt to solve the hopelessness problem by restoring or inaugurating a ritual sense of community identity and empowerment.

Arnold Mindell, The Deep Democracy of Open Forums

Organizations and communities do not fail because of their problems, nor do they necessarily succeed because they solve them. Problems will always exist. Communities that succeed open up to the unknown during periods of crisis.

Arnold Mindell, Sitting in the Fire


Speak Out!

Speak Out! Speak Out! explores the relationship between mainstream and marginalized groups, the nature of love, the spirit of relationship, and the making of true community.

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