Organizational Facilitation, Trainings and Community Building

Dawn Menken and Group FacilitationI am a facilitator, consultant and trainer for groups, organizations, and communities. I have worked in businesses, non-profits and agencies, in schools and in hospitals. I offer facilitation help, programs and trainings around diversity and cultural competency, and inter-personal and team conflict resolution, that highlight sustainable leadership. I offer customized programs and trainings and specialize in the following areas:

  • Cultural Competency and Diversity Facilitation
    Cultural competence is more than knowledge of others, tolerance and sensitivity. Cultural competence means creating a culture of inclusivity beyond policies. Each of us regardless of our backgrounds or identity feels constrained having to fit into roles that carry social and cultural stereotypes and expectations. My facilitation methods assist individuals to engage authentically and support the rich internal diversity each of us carries but all too often neglects. My work puts deep democracy into action, creating a safe and genuine atmosphere in which all voices are represented, and interaction, even if momentarily conflictual, leads to a deeper sense of connection.
  • Interpersonal Conflict
    Good relationship and communication skills are central to the health of any organization. Conflict needs to be addressed on all levels of interaction: between colleagues, within and between teams, and also within departments and larger groups. My trainings offer concrete tools that will improve communication and break-through chronic conflict. I view conflict as a key opportunity for teams and organizations to become more creative, connected and self-organizing. Using Deep Democracy facilitation methods, based on the work of Dr. Arnold Mindell, I work to create an atmosphere of trust and engagement where differences can be aired, and people feel empowered to bring their gifts, talents and unique perspectives to the table.
  • Rank and Power
    Underground tensions related to rank and power inhibit effectiveness and hurt morale. Studies show that the relationship one has with one's immediate supervisor is the most determining factor in retention - turnover is the highest cost of business. My work expands the understanding of power enabling all constituents, regardless of their position, to discover and connect with their own sense of power and to utilize their deepest talents.
  • Sustainable Leadership
    An effective leader is able to model the qualities that the group aspires to manifest. Leadership needs to be cultivated, and at its deepest core even discovered; it is sustainable only when we glean the necessary awareness and skills that allow us to bring our whole selves into our work. Too often these self-care and inner work aspects of leadership are neglected, creating stress and burn-out. Learn how to facilitate complex interactions, inspire leadership, creativity and responsibility in others, and navigate the pressures of the leadership role. Learn how to nurture teamwork, deal with attack and criticism and empower others.

Open Forum

  • The open forum is an age-old format that invites a diversity of voices to publically engage. It is the essence of a thriving democracy and an involved citizentry. My facilitation approach with open forums and town hall meetings not only encourages diverse speakers and viewpoints, but creates a container for deeper interaction.
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