Overview of Services

Private Practice with Individuals, Couples, Children and Families

I work with individuals, couples, children, families and groups. I have a special affinity for working with children, families, and parenting issues. I am a certified Process Worker and have a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

Organizational and Group Facilitation

I am a facilitator, consultant and trainer for groups, organizations, and communities. I have worked in businesses, non-profits and agencies, in schools and in hospitals. I offer facilitation help, programs and trainings around diversity and cultural competency, and inter-personal and team conflict resolution, that highlight sustainable leadership.

School and Parenting Programs

I offer the following school programs: Teens Rise Up, Bully Busters, Palooza the Polar Bear Problem Solver, Girl Pride. In addition, I consult and create programs that deal with the concerns that a particular school presents, targeting issues like community building, bullying, gangs and cliques, conflict resolution and peer mediation, gender and diversity issues. I create age-appropriate programs that can target young children, middle schoolers, or high school teens.

Classes, Workshops & Conferences

I am on the faculty at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon, where I teach classes for the graduate program, as well as classes for the general public. In addition, I travel and offer workshops on a variety of themes, and I am a presenter at conferences on topics related to conflict resolution and group facilitation, diversity issues, children and school issues, and health and psychology.

Student Training and Supervision

I enjoy working with students and professionals who are interested in learning more about bringing Process Work into their practice. I offer supervision and case consultation to Process Work students as well as general practitioners.