Raising Parents,
Raising Kids

Award-Winning Finalist in the “Parenting & Family” category of the 2014 USA Best Book Awards

Raising Parents Raising Kids: Hands-on Wisdom for the Next GenerationIn this cutting-edge book, processwork therapist, parent, and visionary Dr. Dawn Menken introduces a fresh approach to the joy and wonder of the world of parenting. Going beyond the conventional “how to” book, Raising Parents, Raising Kids is the ultimate guide to nurturing the emotional, spiritual, and social lives of children, helping parents create a more meaningful relationship with their children by supporting their deepest nature. Loaded with practical tips, inspiring examples, and her own intimate stories, Menken uses the principles of process-oriented psychology to help parents, caretakers, and educators navigate the complex waters of conflict, power dynamics, diversity, and other social challenges, and offers ground-breaking insights and techniques to tackle the burgeoning problem of bullying. Menken goes on to address typical challenges of the parenting relationship, parents’ own personal growth, and the call to parent not only our children, but also the planet, and ultimately ourselves.

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Listen to Dawn's interview about Raising Parents Raising Kids, with Dr. Zara Larsen on the Circles of Change radio show. Circles of Change offers "positive, pragmatic advice and often unconventional wisdom on personal career and organizational, industry and societal change."

Praise for Raising Parents, Raising Kids

"With concrete examples and useful tips, Raising Parents, Raising Kids helps parents to become in tune with their child, a key to deep parenting. Addressing issues ranging from emotional intelligence and dreams, to bullying, couples’ conflicts, and more, this valuable guide provides essential insights and down-to-earth tools to serve the sacred task of parenting."

Tobin Hart, PhD, author, The Secret Spiritual World of Children

"Peppered with anecdotes from her practice and personal life, the book shows how Dr. Menken works with children to engage them more deeply with their emotional lives, and provides concrete activities to help readers do this important work with children as well. I found myself reading chapter after chapter and nodding, yes! This is a crucial book for parents and educators of this millennium."

Jenn David-Lang, editor, The Main Idea

"Dr. Menken describes a range of dynamics that challenge children, parents, and families in both home and school life. By reaching below the surface through case illustrations and explanations, Dr. Menken teaches the reader how to validate the positive development of the child, skillfully offering useful tools and techniques to aid parents and children in their relationships with each other and with the world."

Ingrid Rose, author, School Violence

"Dr. Menken writes with great clarity and the book is full of wonderful stories and examples offering specific tools for anyone raising or working with children either as parent, caregiver, or professional. I wish I had had this book when I was raising my own children."

Gary Reiss, author, Families that Dream Together

"Dawn Menken’s reader-friendly book teaches us how to appreciate and flow with the unique journey of each parent and child. Her book is full of lively and easy-to-understand examples. She not only supports the inner wisdom and dreaming of children, but also addresses social issues that are relevant today. Her down-to-earth style and sensitive, therapeutic wisdom make this book important for everyone to read since each of us is at one time or another a parent, elder, teacher, or child!"

Amy Mindell, author, Metaskills

"Dr. Menken’s profound respect for the child-parent relationship highlights the mystery and mutuality which are critical to both child and parent becoming themselves together. While many children are taught the necessary rules by their parents, Menken shows how they are nurtured at their roots by the authentic movement and unfolding of this precious bond. Raising Parents, Raising Kids not only addresses a total rainbow of possible parent-child interactions, dilemmas, and predicaments, but also offers an absolute pot of golden wisdom, practical advice, and heart for each one."

David Bedrick, J.D., Dipl. PW Author of Talking Back to Dr. Phil

"This powerful and insightful book shows how to creatively explore parenting issues and see them as a process of mutual learning leading to a deeper connection between parent and child. With many case examples and creative and fun practical tips and exercises, this book teaches awareness, shows the creativity of parenting, and helps raise an emotionally intelligent next generation. A powerful addition to the literature on parenting—a must read for parents, aunties and uncles, teachers, psychologists, and anyone working with children!"

Silvia Camastral, Ph.D. Child Psychotherapist, Australia

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Dawn Menken's book and feel it is a must read for all parents. Every chapter spoke to me as a parent and an educator. The chapter on bullying, both for victims and bystanders, is especially innovative, timely, and powerful. With a great sense of humor, humility, and personal experience, Dr. Menken teaches us that our children are our best teachers and we can learn so much from them when we listen. This is easily one of the best books I have read on parenting and I offer my highest recommendation."

Brian Anderson, Elementary School Principal, Portland, Oregon

"In Raising Parents, Raising Kids, Dr. Dawn Menken portrays parenting as a continuous evolutionary process, a unique and sacred path that parents and children take together. We raise each other as children and parents, every step guided by life’s mystery and the parent’s and the child’s inherent wisdom. This book invites the reader to rethink what parenting means placing it in the larger context of social, historical, and global issues. As a medical doctor and mental health counselor, I encounter on a daily basis how vital it is that we all learn to parent ourselves, our children, our communities, and the environment. Dr. Menken’s book is a must read for everybody who cares about the state of our relationships and our world."

Pierre Morin, M.D., Ph.D. Coauthor of Inside Coma and clinical director of Lutheran Community Services Northwest

"Dr. Menken’s amazing book, Raising Parents, Raising Kids, is a much-needed wake-up call, challenging us to turn away from the distractions and diversions of the outer world and turn inward to cultivate our rich and nourishing inner worlds. This book is a treasure-trove of insightful stories, advice and guidance for parents, therapists, teachers, and all of us interested in growing our inner lives, and becoming more emotionally and spiritually intelligent. In a very concrete and easy-to-read style, Menken addresses conflict, bullying, jealousy, sibling rivalries, and a host of other topics relevant to parents through a lens of process-oriented psychology, Raising Parents, Raising Kids is a powerful reminder of the sacred journey of parenting, whether we are parenting children or our own inner lives."

Julie Diamond, M.D., Ph.D. Coauthor of A Path Made By Walking

"Educators, parents, activists, social workers, take note! As a child advocate, teacher and parent myself, I have read my way through oh so many books about working with young people, but this would be the one I would love to see in everyone's hands. Dawn Menken offers a fresh way to think about listening to children that somehow transforms even the hardest moments into gifts to be lovingly unwrapped. The spiritual, mystical, dreaming world of childhood is brought into everyday life; the nonconformist, resistant child is seen as the valued activist of the next generation; problems become delightful curiosities to investigate; convention is turned on its head and the result is a more connected, meaningful, and hopeful possibility between us, our kids, and this planet. In particular, her model for handling the dynamics of bullying is unlike what anyone else is saying- I wish I could see it enacted on every playground. A beautiful, original, important book that looks deeply below the surface and helps us all evolve. Keep it on your bedside table!"

Michelle Arensberg, educator, child advocate, mother

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