Art by Kirsty O'ConnorMamaSpeak is a theatre piece celebrating the mystery of birth, the call to parenthood, and the eternal presence of the divine mother in all of her forms. It is at once my personal story as well as an experience that evokes a universal thread in each of us.

This one-woman show premiered in 2006 at Performance Works Northwest in Portland, Oregon. Perhaps one day I will perform it again. The show was certainly one of the highlights of my life celebrating the immense experience and creativity of becoming a mother. We can't repeat the atmosphere and intimacy of the theatre, however, I want to share clips from the show as well as interviews that describe how I use the awareness tools of process work as applied to motherhood.

Each interview, linked with a specific clip from the performance, reveals the background dreaming process behind the art and offers a more intimate view on the themes of conception, labor, the sacred nature of birth, the divine mother, the universal father and the inner life of children.

Applying my long-term training as a practitioner of process work has enriched my experience of motherhood. MamaSpeak was a creative celebration of this journey. Since the public performances I have had many dreams that have been guiding me to make MamaSpeak more public. I am indebted to Vasiliki Katrivanou and Bushra Azouz who interviewed me about the experiences that led to the creation of MamaSpeak, and suggested that I share these stories together with clips from the show. I offer my personal experiences as a way for others to see how one might apply a process-oriented world-view to the sacred experience of motherhood.

Watch segments of the performance with accompanying interviews