My approach is based on the pioneering of work of Dr. Arnold Mindell. Process Work or Process-Oriented Psychology, was developed by Mindell in Zurich, Switzerland. I had the great fortune of being one of his original students and lived in Zurich for ten years. What drew me to Zurich in the late 1970s was Arny's unique way of valuing the great diversity of human experience. I had never been approached with such curiosity and interest. All of my flaws and self-criticism held the potential for deep learning and surprising talents. Everything that I had wanted to discard was suddenly useful and uplifting instead of depressing and pathological. This basic non-pathological view that emphasizes self-discovery and believes that solutions are inherent in problems is at the core of Process Work and is the guiding principle in my work with individuals, couples and groups.

Process Work has its roots in the teleological thinking of Carl Jung, the non-judgmental and meaning-based view of Taoism, the dreaming wisdom of indigenous peoples, the signal based methods of communication theorists, and non-locality principles of quantum physics that reveal the complex interconnectedness of all things.

As a processwork therapist or group facilitator my task is to follow the unique flow of process as it emerges, believing that what happens is meaningful. I value the unique experience of each individual, couple, family, or group and bring a curiosity, warmth and sharp mind to my work. People discover that working with what is most disturbing and marginalized often brings surprising solutions and new insight. Suddenly what has felt most oppressive, frightening or problematic becomes enlivening and creative.

Process Work includes working with dreams, body experiences, symptoms and illness, as well as relationship, extreme states of consciousness or psychiatric states, altered states of consciousness, addictions, coma and near death experiences. Worldwork is its application to multi-cultural group and organizational situations.